Borsigstrasse 7 A
DE 65205 Wiesbaden - Germany

is an innovative biotechnological corporation with activity fields on the cancer prevention, HPV-diagnostics and safe test systems.

Our core competence consists in the detailed knowledge about the buildup and the effects of the human Papillom virus, the main origin of the cervical cancer.

Developed and patented in Germany is VIRO-safe the only test with a safe prognostic marker! "VIRO-safe" allows a safe view in the cytology, it is the leading HPV L1 test. VIRO-safe a product without problems, since more than 10 years for all cytologists and laboratories, that require a safe marker of simple use for its prognosis and diagnostics.

Other business fields are the development of high-quality, innovative diagnostics and shuttle-systems for therapeutic active ingredients. Apart from the cooperation with medical institutes for microbiology and biotechnology, We are project partner from the German research institute DEUTSCHE FORSCHUNGSGESELLSCHAFT an support scientific cooperation-partnerships with universities and leading biotechnology companies.

If you have interest in a professional contact, or if an exchange with subject cervical carcinoma is important for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.